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Terms and Conditions

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These General terms and conditions under the Law on Consumer Protection apply to any agreement between “Vanitta” Ltd., hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER, on the one hand and on the other, the person consenting to the ” General terms and conditions “ named below briefly USER when ordering and purchasing goods through the electronic online store “Vanitta”.

Browsing the electronic shop Vanitta.com is freely accessible from all parts of the world.

The user must specify his/her e-mail address, fist and last names and address for shipment when placing an order through the site.

For each listed item on the online shop www.vanitta.com the price is stated as well as any further information , enabling customers’ choice when purchasing a product.

All prices listed on this site are BGN incl.VAT.

On the right side next to each product is a button “Add to basket”. Clicking the button “Add to basket” saves the selected item in a virtual user’s shopping basket. Clicking the button “Finish order” serves to send to us the customer data for all the orders placed. The user receives a confirmation by email for the order placed.

How to order

To place an order on the online store, the user must specify:

Valid e-mail address ;

Accurate current address for delivery of the goods;

Correct contact details – first and last names and telephone number.

Additional data:

Your measures / size if your order states sizes, different from the listed items, available on the site.

In case some of the goods you ordered (or particular items) are not available, our consultant notifies you by phone or e-mail.

Orders on the electronic shop vanitta.com are accepted from Monday to Sunday, 24 /7.

Processing and delivery of your order

Once your order has been placed on www.vanitta.com, it is processed within 48 hours on working days.

Orders containing incorrect data of the buyer (user) or missing data are cancelled if the Provider does not receive the correct data within 48 hours after the order has been placed. Such orders are subject to status “cancellation” due to failure to be processed.

The user can cancel a placed order without having to mention the reasons for his decision, by calling us on the phones, stated in our website.

To be valid waiver, the User must provide: his/her order number, his/her phone number, stated in the order, his/her first and last names, under which he/she is registered on the site, and his/her e-mail address.

Usual terms of delivery – within 5 / five / working days after acceptance of the order.

Delivery is not performed on Sundays and public holidays.

Delivery is made to the exact delivery address specified by the user (whether residential or business) or at request at “In Time” office in the area. Please, check the available offices of the courier company “In Time”, listed on our site www.intibme.bg

If the user does not provide access and conditions for delivery of the goods at the address provided and delivery time stated, or does not contact the specified “In Time” office to get the goods on time, the Seller shall be released from the obligation to perform the requested delivery.

Payment methods

The ordered goods are paid to the courier by cash on delivery upon delivery of the goods.

For each of the ordered goods the User has to pay the price, listed on the online store at the time of the order placement. The price of each item can be subject of dynamic change, performed by the owner of the site.

Rights of withdrawal, claims

The customer may withdraw and cancel his/her order upon delivery of the items and in the presence of the courier, if the items have been delivered later than the order execution period for any reasons beyond the User and not due to force majeure.

When canceling the contract the User is obliged to return the purchased goods in presentation intact and preserved label.

When canceling the contract the User is obliged to return the purchased goods in original, undamaged packaging, with its complete contents, without any signs of usage and with preserved label.

The User is eligible for making a clam when the purchased item does not match the quality, type, color and the features listed on the site.

• manufacturing defects of the goods; missing parts of the items;

• delivered wrong items other than the ordered;

• delivered items that do not match the stated in the order size and / or color

• damaged items during transportation

The claim may be made and submitted to our site via the listed e-mail address on the page Contact us and in this case the User is obliged to return the goods within one week.

When making a claim the User can select a replacement for the item claimed, free of defects or in a different size or color, or choose to return the item for refund, or choose another item of the same value.

Return of claimed goods, for reasons other than manufacturing defects or damage in transit shall be carried out under the following conditions:

• Maintained good condition (the product is not broken, scratched, worn, washed, ironed).

• There is no damage caused by misuse.

• Retained original packaging and labels.

Return of items in case of order cancellation or claim shall be executed in the manner and on the address, stated on the delivery note provided to the User to confirm the receipt of his/her order.

In case of product replacement, the transportation costs in both directions are paid by the User, unless the replacement is due to a fault caused by the Seller – the e-store. In the event that the customer wishes to return or replace the product, it can be done only by the courier “In Time”.

In case when in the User’s living area there is no office of the courier company, he/she should contact the Seller for details of returning the goods on the phone provided: +359 88 211 02 51

In periods of sales or discounts, the customer is entitled only to replace the product with the same product with another size or to replace the product with another with the same value.


On-line notification and newsletter

When the User signs up to receive updates from www.vanitta.com he/she agrees to receive electronic notifications, sent by VANITTA.

The user can unsubscribe from our newsletter and stop receiving notifications from us by clicking the link at the bottom of the notification, sent by us.


The User can contact us via the email addresses stated on our website, as well as both on the stated telephone number 0882 11 02 51 and the contact form in section “Contacts”.

The User can make inquiries about different items, patterns and methods of product maintenance.

The Seller/Provider is not liable for any damage to the items due to improper washing and treating of clothes in violation of the stated means of use and treatment on the labels.

Fashion House “VANITTA” Ltd. is the administrator of the website and accordingly, of the field for comments and discussions, and performing this function reserves the right to remove postings that contain obscene, bigoted, insulting, abusive, or hateful content, and suspend or terminate the guest accounts of anyone who posts such content.

The above Terms and Conditions are accepted by the Manager of VANITTA Ltd. And have been last changed on 01.10.2014.

Non-personally identifiable information
If you browse through the site, do searches, read or download information, we will automatically gather non-personally identifiable information about you. This type of information may include your IP address, your country, the pages you visited on our site, the time you spent on the site and the address of the website which transferred you to our site. We use non-personally identifiable information to make statistics on how helpful and visited the site is in order to improve it and make it more friendly and useful to visitors.

All of the content on the site is property of VANITA Ltd. and is protected by copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property law. You can display, download, store and print content from the site just for your personal, non-commercial use. You may reprint or electronically reproduce content from the site, including logos, text, movies, photos, scripts or animation, in whole or in part, with prior written consent of Vanitta only.

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Our latest offers:

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About us

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About Us
Contact Us

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Contact us

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(00359) 888 110 254
 Sofia, kv. Krustova vada, ul. Asen Yordanov №61

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Terms and condtitions
Privacy Policy

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